Memory Repair Protocol Review 

Intro (About Product)

As advertised, Memory Repair Protocol is a PDF document that contains information about various health-related issues. It includes details about aging, degenerative brain diseases, body hormones, and chemicals that affect the human brain. It’s 155 pages long and comes with a list of recipes that buyers can use to improve the health of their brain.

How it Works

Memory Repair Protocol claims to have information that can cure all types of degenerative brain disease including dementia and Alzheimer’s. Buyers are advised to follow and implement the food recipes provided within the book for improved brain health. The writer claims that natural remedies can cure and prevent all forms of dementia within 21 days.

Reputation of Memory Repair Protocol Review

The author is called Martin Reilly. He tells the story of how his wife was diagnosed with dementia for some years. Her medication had terrible side effects that caused her to faint regularly. She also suffered from heart arrhythmia, nausea, and diarrhea.

One afternoon, while strolling towards a local care center, he met someone called Manisha, a 107-year old lady that came from a place called Ballabgarh. The lady told Reilly that thanks to their food, people from Ballabgarh didn’t suffer from degenerative brain diseases.

He was so inspired by the newfound information that he decided to carry out some research. He came across a BBC article that confirmed what Manisha had said. He teamed up with Dr. Miles Fielding who helped him carry out his research on different types of foods. About a year later, he combined all this information into a PDF that he now sells under the name Memory Repair Protocol.

A quick search on Google reveals plenty of resources that flag this as a scam. While the book does provide useful information, it is highly unlikely for users to achieve the aforementioned miraculous results.


As mentioned earlier, the e-book is an informational guide comprising recipes that when prepared, help to improve brain health. It’s packaged and delivered in an easy-to-read format. The first pages give details of how the brain works in relation to memory and attention. It then dives into dementia, Alzheimer’s, and their treatments. It ends by providing tips that allegedly speed up the “healing” process of dementia. The ingredients provided are to be sourced from Ballabgarh, Northern India.

How to Start Using Memory Protocol Review

Like all guides, the idea behind the Memory Protocol Review is to provide useful information. The program is based on a Ketogenic diet that allows the body to get its energy from burning fat, hence, healing the brain.

Cost of Memory Repair Protocol

The Memory Repair Protocol can be bought from It’s currently priced at $37. It’s important to note that the price provided only caters for the book without anything else that’s required to undertake the program.

Refund & Return Policy

The company website includes a 60-day money-back guarantee for anyone that isn’t satisfied by the book. Buyers can contact the customer service team for a refund.

Customer Support Quality

Those that have any concerns, complaints, or questions about Memory Repair Protocol can reach customer support via email at [email protected]. Several buyers have reported not getting any response from the address.

What Customers Like and Complain About Most

While the information provided within the book is useful, most buyers don’t like it. One buyer complained of not receiving the book even after making payment. Others claimed that the information provided is shallow and useless. The ingredients provided are also not quantified, making it hard to implement the diet.

Alternative Products/Competitors

The information provided within this guide can be found for free on a lot of online sources. There are numerous e-books available on cognitive exercises and ketogenic diets. It’s always important to first consult a doctor before undertaking any ketogenic programs.

Is it Safe or a Scam?

The Memory Repair Protocol is a scam for several reasons. The author is unverifiable and has been proved to be non-existent. All the testimonials are staged. Also, advertising misrepresents information from various sources to increase sales. Lastly, the book is sold by Spark Health Media, a company that has been attributed to 7 other scams.


What causes early Alzheimer’s disease? Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease is caused by an inherited change in any one of these three genes – APP, PSEN 1, and PSEN 2. Research has shown that other factors other than the three genes can cause early-onset Alzheimer’s.

How do you prevent Alzheimer’s? Take omega-3 fats. These can be found in cold-water fish like salmon, trout, seaweed, tuna, sardines, and mackerel.

HydraLight Review 

Intro (About Product)

HydraLight is a fuel-cell activated flashlight that also functions as a lantern. It runs on water-activated batteries that are charged by immersing in water. Despite the technology not being new, HydraLight flashlights provide an alternative to ordinary battery-powered flashlights.

How it Works

To light up the flashlight, users are required to dip the fuel cell in water. A single dip provides about 300 hours of lighting. The flashlight turns off once the cell runs out of water. To power it up again, all users need to do is to dip the cells in water. This gives another 300 hours of use.


The idea behind HydaLight is simple. The technology has been previously used by kids to come up with interesting science fair projects that have won competitions. In 2016, there was an increase in the number of flashlights being advertised on the market. HydraLight jumped on this marketing frenzy to promote their flashlight and get their name out there. Today, the HydraLight flashlight is one of the few environmentally friendly and safe alternatives to conventional batteries.


  1. Does not run on conventional batteries.
  2. Uses Hydra-cell technology.
  3. Can run on any type of water – regular, salt, or distilled.
  4. Can be transformed into a lantern.
  5. Provides 300 hours of use from a single charge.
  6. Durable, rugged, and made to last.
  7. Provides 25-year shelf life.
  8. Has no harmful battery acid.

How to Start Using HydraLight

To start using a HydraLight flashlight, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the Hydra-Cell from the flashlight and remove it.
  2. Dip it in water for about 20 seconds.
  3. Return the Hydra-Cell into the flashlight and switch it on.
  4. Repeat this process whenever the flashlight runs out of power.

To turn into a lantern, simply pull out the barrel. This will turn the flashlight into a lantern that can stand on any flat surface.

Cost of Using the Product and Payment Options

When the HydraLight first debuted, it was priced at $39.95. It is currently offered with three pricing options on the HydraLight website. These options include:

  • One HydraLight flashlight + bonus fuel cell + free shipping at $19.95
  • Two HydraLight flashlights + bonus fuel cell + free shipping at $17.95 each.
  • Three HydraLight flashlights + bonus fuel cell + free shipping at $16.95 each.

Depending on your location, an additional $7.95 is charged for postage and handling. Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You can also get the HydraLight flashlight for $21.99 on Amazon.

Refund & Return Policy

All HydraLight purchases come with a risk-free, 60-day, money-back guarantee less shipping and handling. The refund policy allows buyers to test out the flashlight and return it if they are unsatisfied. This, however, will put you a few dollars back for return shipping.

Customer Support Quality

To contact HydraLight customer support, you can reach them via phone at 844-734-3650. According to some users, HydraLight customer support isn’t all that great. Users have reported not reaching anyone even after trying severally.

What Customers Like and Don’t Like about HydraLight

The idea of having a flashlight that doesn’t require conventional batteries and runs on water is intriguing. A lot of customers say they were first impressed with the technology. The fact that it can be turned into a lantern makes things even better.

Unfortunately, there are quite a number of things that people don’t like. The most common problem experienced is the lack of enough light. Users also say that it doesn’t live up to the company’s claims. Others say that it works for a day or two, then stops. The device’s fuel cells also corrode fast.

Alternative Products

Fuel-cell activated flashlights are a relatively new entry into the market. The only alternative to HydraLight available is the Eton American Red Cross Blackout Buddy. It features three LEDs that can light up continuously for 72 hours. Also, there are plenty of free resources that teach people how to make their own water-powered flashlights at home.

Is it Safe for Use or Scam?

Considering what the majority of users have experienced, the HydraLight flashlight isn’t a reliable device. This is especially for those that want something for the long-term. The fuel-cells eventually corrode and deplete fast, making it an unreliable product for long-term use.

BoomTouch Speaker Review 

Intro (About Product)

BoomTouch speaker is a portable, lightweight, and wireless speaker that amplifies sound that’s coming from a smart device. It does this without using Bluetooth or any wires. You simply place your smart device on the speaker to amplify sound.

This speaker makes a great gift for anyone traveling, camping, or to use around the house when working out, moving or packing, or building something!

How it Works

Most smart devices don’t come with the best speakers. Those that do may not be loud enough. BoomTouch was built to amplify sound and allow users to play music out loud, for instance when you are moving or packing. This is achieved without using any wires or Bluetooth.

The speaker makes use of magnetic conduction to amplify audio signals originating from a phone. It runs on three AA batteries and requires no technical connection to perform. The technology is known as NFA (Near Field Audio) technology. Placing a phone on the speaker allows it to sense the electromagnetic fields which are then signaled to amplify sound.


Majority of buyers seem to love the BoomTouch speaker. There are a few cases of dissatisfaction with nothing being out of the ordinary. Generally, it seems to be a great product with no major complications.


Amplifies sound without Bluetooth, and wires.
Compatible with music players and smartphones.
Runs on three AA batteries.
Portable and lightweight.
Batteries last for up to 10 hours of use.
Uses NFA (Near Field Audio) technology.

How to Start Using BoomTouch

The BoomTouch Speaker relies on “touch” to work. All you need to do is simply place your device on top of the speaker to get the sound amplified.

Cost of BoomTouch Speaker

Initially, the BoomTouch speaker was priced at $14.99 with an additional fee of $4.99 for packaging and handling. This has since changed. The speaker now goes for $19.99 plus an additional $9.99 for packaging and handling.

Refund & Return Policy

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee offered for all BoomTouch purchases. This, however, does not include the fees charged for Processing and handling. Their refund policy includes instructions on how to contact customer service. They will give you a Return Authorization number with further instructions. It’s important to note that all shipping costs incurred while returning the product are the customer’s responsibility.

Customer Support Quality

For questions, complaints, and concerns; contact the BoomTouch customer support team by phone at 800-301-6855. Some customers have raised complaints about the customer service. Others claim that they did not receive any help even after calling.

Coupons and Promo Codes

BoomTouch gives promotions once in a while through their website. For every BoomTouch speaker bought, buyers stand a chance to get another BoomTouch speaker for free. They only need to pay for Packaging and Handling.

What Customers Like and Don’t Like

Most customers seem to like the fact that with BoomTouch, they don’t have to struggle with their Bluetooth anymore. The fact that the speaker syncs with a wide array of devices make it quite useful. The sound quality delivered is quite good. Users also like the speaker’s lightweight which makes it easy to carry.

A major downside is that users can’t multitask while using the BoomTouch speaker. One has to part with your phone while it’s placed on top of the speaker. Some users have also complained of not being able to separate the sound into stereo. Others have reported experiencing a decline in sound after long periods of use.

Alternative Products/Competitors

The idea behind the BoomTouch speaker isn’t new. There are other speakers on the market that use the “touch” technology to amplify sound. One of the most popular alternatives to the BoomTouch is the Thumbs Up Touch Speaker Boom Box. It is more expensive and runs on rechargeable batteries.

Verdict: Is it Safe to Use or Scam

The BoomTouch speaker doesn’t pretend to be anything that it’s not. It’s able to amplify sound up to 3 or 4 times. The sound emitted is clear, loud, and safe – making the BoomTouch speaker a legit product.


How do you tell if a speaker is loud? The sound level of a speaker is measured in decibels (dB). The higher the decibels, the louder the speaker will be. This is also referred to as speaker sensitivity.

What is a good dB for speakers? A typical speaker comes with a rating of about 87 dB. At 88 dB, most speakers emit good sound, with 90 dB being excellent.