What are the best bulbs for car headlights?

There are several reasons why LEDs appeal to automakers and consumers. They are brighter than halogen headlights, last longer, use less energy, and have a whiter color.

In addition, many people think they look cool. Halogen headlights were the standard for the auto industry for years, but now LEDs are becoming more popular because they are cheaper to manufacture and simple to replace.

Halogen lights are incandescent lights that have a tungsten filament inside a bulb. When electric current passes through the filament, it heats up and generates light.

They are different from regular incandescent bulbs in that they have a dose of halogen gas instead of argon gas. Halogen bulbs are brighter than regular incandescent bulbs and tend to last longer.

With LEDs, an electric current passes through a semiconductor to produce light. It is brighter and doesn’t make as much heat. It is 90% more efficient than incandescent lights. This means that it lasts for a long time and stays bright longer too. But it costs more than other lights like halogens or HID headlights that use xenon gas.

But Do LEDs Make Headlights Better?

The design of the headlight assembly and the reflectors – the parts that shine light down the road – also affects how well your headlights work. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rates headlights based on how far they can light up the road when you’re driving straight, and on curves.

IIHS says that good-rated headlights (the top rating) will light up the right side of the road at least 325 feet away. Poor-rated headlights (the lowest rating) will only light up 220 feet or less.

The IIHS says that LEDs do better in their tests. Some halogens have been rated higher than some LEDs. Some halogens are acceptable and some LED headlights are marginal and even poor. But only LEDs have earned a good rating.

LEDs have a few disadvantages. They cost more and they don’t work as well in cold weather because the temperature must be above 32°F for them to light up.

Halogen headlights weigh less than LEDs, which improve car handling and gas mileage. But automakers are switching to LEDs anyway because car buyers want better lighting systems even if it means giving up those advantages.

If you want better headlight performance, look at an LED or halogen that has earned a good rating from IIHS – the ones with curved shields rather than flat ones that provide uniform illumination over the road surface. You can check car bulbs reviewed by


Why The Hyundai Genesis Coupe Is An Extremely Underrated

Hyundai made a lot of progress when they created their first four-seater sports coupe. The brand makes cars that are as good as other luxury brands, but they are much cheaper. Later, Hyundai created the Genesis brand to make even more affordable luxury cars. They have continued making great cars, even though not many people know about them yet.

Hyundai makes cars and they put them everywhere. They made a car called the Genesis Coupe. People were happy to hear about this car because it is a sports coupe and many people want to own one but can’t afford it.

So, Hyundai made dreams of owning a sports coupe more realistic by making Toyota’s price for the Genesis Coupe lower than other cars from other companies.

Sports Coupes are a type of car that can be expensive. They usually do not provide a good combination of the two, but the North Korean company did. The Genesis Coupe is an affordable sports car and it is a “must have” for gearheads.

Let’s find out about the coolest features in a Hyundai Genesis Coupe and what makes it a luxury car killer.

Stylish Looks

People like to talk about the Genesis Coupe because it looks very stylish and expensive. This is especially true for the 2009 model which was priced much lower than other similar cars. Some people think this is the best thing about the Genesis Coupe- that it looks so good you can be proud to show it off.

Excellent Value And Performance

The Genesis Coupe was the first of its kind to have an 8-speed automatic transmission. It is one of the few sports cars that can easily go from a track to a road, and it will never let you down. The steering wheel has two links in it so it is easier for you to handle, and the rear suspension makes driving very easy.

This car has special features that make it easy to drive and control. It is not hard for you to steer. You will feel less vibrations and more smooth ride because of the steel frame that this car has. The gas-pressurized shocks help keep your control good no matter what the surface of the ground is like. Other cars with this price usually have a bad quality, but not this one.

The Powerful V6 Engine

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.1 seconds. It has a six-cylinder engine that produces 348 horsepower. That’s a lot of power. It can go up to 162 mph and it has 295 pound-feet of torque.

Blue Link Technology

Blue Link is a program that helps people talk to their car. When you are driving, it might help you by telling you when there are problems with the car or when you can’t go in a direction. It also makes it easier for people to find places if they need directions too.

With Blue Link, you can talk to it just like you would with Alexa. You can use voice-assisted dialing, interactive voice recognition, stolen vehicle tracking, and immobilization.