MindInsole Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Whether you spend the whole day on your feet or exercise a lot, you put your feet through the wringer. It does matter whether you wear the right shoes, your feet will still pain and ache and even suffer from bunions as well as other problems.

But there is hope; www.MindInsole.com is claiming to offer the solution. So, is this a legit or scam company?

About MindInsole.com

MindInsole has committed to providing reflexology items that truly work. Its products feature long-standing traditional medicines with innovative technology to form provide gears that provide natural and holistic solutions.

The company claims to make scientifically designed products that promise to touch over 400 massage points on your foot. Some of its well-known products include reflexology insoles, compression socks, ACU-Fidget Reflexology Rings, and ACI-Fidget Reflexology Bracelets.

How MindInsole.com Works

MindInsole Basics

MindInsoles are made to fit all shoes (women’s size 7-12 and men’s size 6-12) since they have an easy-to-cut material. They also feature a trimmable pre-marked guideline.

Besides, you can transfer your insole between your shoes, although this might not offer the ideal fit. Immediately you wear them, MindInsole.com claims that the sole will start to work instantly.

If you want to clean your insoles, you can easily do that in lukewarm water and use mild dish soap. Leave them out to dry before reinserting them into your shoes.

MindInsole Acupoints

The brand advertises that it has merged the “established practice of traditional medicines with the scientifically proven latest technologies”. This ensures that your every foot enjoys over 400 massaging nodules of varying sizes which are called acupoints’:

• 270 micro acupoints that enhance circulation

• 120 medium acupoints that sooth and massage

• 12 large acupoints for foot’s arch

Also, there are 5 magnets in every insole that provide natural, mild magnetic fields that deliver cooling effects.

MindInsole.com Product Cost

MindInsole.com provides different products that are geared toward relieving the pain. They cost as follows:

• MindInsole Reflexology Insoles – A pair of the insole goes for $38.99.

• MindInsole Compression socks – A pair of sock goes for $34.99. It helps to prevent swelling and improve your circulatory system.

• MindInsole ACU-Fidget Reflexology Rings – They go for $24.49 and help to relieve anxiety and stress.

• MindInsole ACI-Fidget Reflexology Bracelets – They go for $12.50 and help to massage anxieties away to stimulate relieving and creativity.

MindInsole.com Support Service

Mindsole.com has provided its contacts details that you can use to reach a support team agent. You can call them directly through these numbers

• US Telephone: +1 (609) 256 4523 or (888) 296-2217

• Australia & NZ Telephone: +61 2 8607 8316

• Canada Telephone: +1 778 300 0854

• UK Telephone: +44 8708 200084

If you prefer sending an email, you can easily do so by emailing [email protected]. One thing you should note is that it is quite hard to reach the support team.

MindInsole.com Payment Options

MindInsole has provided three main ways which you can use to make your payment. They are:

• PayPal – PayPal is an easy way to send and receive money online. MindInsole accepts this method.

• Visa – The brand also accepts payment through Visa.

• MasterCard – The last option listed by MindInsole.com is the use of MasterCard.

MindInsole.com Return and Refund Policy

The company has not specified the terms of return policy. MindInsole.com only states that you can contact the support team for any return.

MindInsole.com Reputation/Pros/Cons

MindInsole.com Pros/Likes

It is important you consider the benefits of MindInsole products before you decide to buy them or not. We have listed some of these benefits here:

• Reduce pain – These products help to reduce the pain you experience due to various conditions. For instance, they can reduce sciatic nerve pain.

• Help you endure – Leg and foot pain can result in sudden and long hours of pain, making it hard to move. These products will help to improve your endurance.

• Get more energy – They help you to get the energy you require without taking coffee. This way, you will be able to work for long hours without feeling tired.

MindInsole.com Cons/Dislikes

There have been a lot of complaints about MindInsole products:

• Products don’t satisfy users – The products don’t seem to work like they are advertised to. In fact, their support seems to be quite awful when you compare to other gears.

• BBB warnings – BBB has warned buyers that the disclosed address of the company (300 Delaware Avenue, Suite 210-A Wilmington, DE 19801 United States) is not legit. It belongs to MindInsole agent and not the company itself.

MindInsole.com Product Features

Based on MindInsole.com, the product the company makes are made from a pliable material and could provide the cushion needed. The magnets and the different sized nodes could also provide some form of “massaging” effect.

However, we cannot confirm any clinical support that is claimed by the company. We still cannot confirm is the magnetic provides real impact or benefits to your body.

MindInsole.com Competitors/ Alternative Products

MindInsole products are great gears that can solve the foot problem. However, other shoe inserts and insoles also serve the same purpose.

For instance, HappyStep Memory Foam Insoles are known to provide cushy support for people with high arches. Spenco EX Full Support Insoles are perfect for flat-footed people.

The two shoe insoles are designed to target specific areas of your foot.  There are also other products that are meant for whole day use.

For example, there is the Sof Sole by Airr Orthotic and Superfeet Green Full Length Insole. These competitors have been proven to provide comfort and relaxation.

MindInsole.com FAQs

Q1: Who are MindInsole products made for?

A: These products can be used by all people including floor managers, coaches, security guards, sales clerks and cashiers, janitors, doctors and nurses, and athletic trainers.

Q2: Does MindInsole.com sell its products?

A: Yes. You can purchase these products directly from www.mindinsole.com.

Final Verdict: Is MindInsole.com Worth It?

If you suffer from problems such as lethargy, headaches, or back pain, you might want to get MindInsole products. Unlike other gears, these items are unique because they can heal your ills and pains.

Other products often provide support and comfort but do not alleviate or resolve your problem. Besides, these products are easy to use.

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