Egglettes Review: Is It Legit or a Scam

There are dozens of ways in which you can enjoy a hard-boiled egg. No matter how you want to use your eggs, it can be a hassle to prepare them.

That is because you will need to peel the shell after preparing them. But there are solutions at called Egglettes.

Let’s review these products to see if they work or not.

About Egglettes

Egglettes are small containers (egg-shaped) that cook hard-boiled eggs without shells. The official website of the brand was launched in June 2017 and has continued to provide these contains ever since.

How Do Egglettes Work

Egglettes Price

At, one set of 6 containers is priced only $14.99. Every order features a free recipe booklet and a bonus microwave eggs sandwich cooker – you will enjoy different kinds of finger-licking egg dishes as well as an omelet.

There is also a deluxe model that comes with an egg timer and holder. Besides, you can find Egglettes at various stores for only $10 for a pack of 4.

Egglettes Return and Refund Policy

You can notify the company of your intention to return the containers within 60 days after receiving them. Contact the support team through phone or online to make your claim.

From there, you can send your Egglettes to:


2880 North Lamb Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89115

From there, you will need to wait for about 10 days before your refund can be processed. Payment Option

In terms of payment, you can pay for your Egglettes through these four methods:

• Visa – It is one of the safest ways of making payment online. The brand accepts the use of a visa.

• MasterCard – MasterCard is yet another safe option of paying for your Egglettes at

• American express – This method is only available for USA customers. It makes it convenient to pay for your order online.

• Discovery card – You can also use this credit card to make your payment online. Shipping

The company does not offer free shipping. This means that you will need to pay for the shipment fee when making your order.

You will need to pay a shipping fee of $4.99, making the total cost of your Egglettes to be $19.98.

Shipping will take at least 5 working days, depending on where you are located. You might also need to wait a few days for your order to be processed, especially when there are many orders. Customer Service

Getegglettes is committed to providing the friendliest and most convenient customer service possible. If you have any question about Egglettes or ordering process, you can easily reach the support team through phone or email.

The company has provided 855-355-0416 as its official number and [email protected] as the official email. You can also use the address we have listed above to return your products.

It is also very easy to track the status of your order when you visit the company’s customer service page. Promo Codes and Coupons

There are no promo codes or coupons that you can use when buying your Egglettes. However, you can always visit other online retailers and look for coupons that you can use when buying the containers.

The official website of Egglettes, however, if offering promotions. Here, you are required to buy three Egglettes and get 3 free, plus a recipe booklet.

Egglettes Reputations/Pros/Cons

Egglettes Pros/Likes

Egglettes has attracted a lot of positive review from users thanks to its pros. They include:

• The commitment – It is much easier to use Egglettes when preparing your hard-boiled eggs that boiling them the traditional way. You won’t need to peel the shell, which is always a daunting task. The containers are also quite easy to clean.

• The hype – The major hype around these containers is that you won’t need to peel the shells out. This means that you will save a lot of time and avoid the possibility of eating egg shells.

Egglettes Cons/Dislikes

There are a few cons with Egglettes as you will see below:

• Shipping fee – You will need to pay $4.99 as a shipping fee which will raise the cost to $19.98. This is quite expensive when you consider that claim to sell the containers at $14.99.

• Need cooking oil – You will need to spray the Egglettes with cooking oil before you insert the egg. This is to prevent the cooked egg from sticking in the container.

Egglettes Main Features

Egglettes are simple containers that you can use to prepare your hard-boiled eggs. To cook, simply crack open the eggs and put them in the containers.

Next, secure the lids and place them in boiling water. When the eggs are cooked, simply open the lids and place eggs onto your plate.

There are other notable features of Egglettes that you should know about including:

• Simple to clean

• Prepares small omelets, soft-boiled eggs, and hard-boiled eggs.

• No shell peeling after cooking

• Silicone pod cracks and cook the eggs.

Egglettes Competitors/Alternative Products

While there are different products that serve the same purpose as Egglettes, such as poached egg holders and electric steamers, only Eggies that is similar. Eggies is a 4-pack of holders that feature a better design than Egglettes and provides the same core functionality.

Eggies don’t come with a free recipe booklet or bonus microwave egg sandwich cooker. However, it has a bonus egg white separator. It is also more affordable than Egglettes, going for between $9 and $25.

Egglettes FAQs

Q1: Can Egglettes prepare soft-boiled eggs?

A: Yes. They are able to prepare small omelets, soft-boiled eggs, and hard-boiled eggs. These are multi-purpose products.

Q2: Can I get Egglettes from other online stores?
A: Yes. You can shop for Egglettes from various online stores at a better price such as Amazon, where the shipping cost is low.

Final Verdict: Do Egglettes Really Work?

Based on what users claim, Egglettes do work and provide the hard-boiled eggs that you desire. They might not be the most affordable containers today but they will do the trick.

You should visit to find out more about these products.

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