Mercari Review: Is It a Legit Shopping App or a Scam?

More and more shoppers are buying online today than ever. After all, there are amazing deals to be found online that people are taking advantage of.

One great app that has transformed online shopping is the Mercari app. But is it a legit app or simply a scam? Here we will review app to find out what it has on offer.

About is an online app and marketplace where people can sell and buy a wide collection of products. It was developed by Shintaro Yamada in 2o13 in Japan and later launched in the USA.

The brand is headquartered in San Francisco, California and you get paid when you download it at Some of the main products sold at Mercari include handmade and used items such as clothing, household goods, electronics, and more.

How Works Cost and Getting Started is a free app that you can download and begin to use immediately. You can even get paid if you download it at Other places that you can download this app include Google Play Store and iTunesor.

You will need to create an account using your email or Facebook information when you download it. Then log in and start your transactions. Posting products

It all starts with the seller. Sellers can take pictures of the items they want to sell and type a short description of the products and the prices. They post these details and wait for the buyers. Selling products

The buyer buys the item on offer. Once it is sold, will send a paid shipping label to the customer so that the product can be shipped out.  Once the purchaser receives the product and provides a rating, the seller will get paid.

To make a purchase, simply look for the product you want to buy and then click the “Tap to Buy” button.

Mercari Refund and Return Policy

Since you need to give a rating for the money to be released, the seller won’t receive any payment. Hence, you can decline to give the rating and request for a refund within 3 days. Shipping

Sellers are usually charged a 10% fee on each transaction made. Sellers can decide to add shipping fee on the price of the product or charge the buyer. Shipping fee is always listed on the item’s description. Payment Options

You can easily pay for your products using one of these methods:

  • PayPal – PayPal is an online payment method that is accepted by people around the world.
  • Credit cards – You can use your credit card to pay for goods at Mercari App.
  •  Apple Pay – This is a wallet service and digital mobile payment method by Apple. It is for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.
  • Android Pay – You can also use the Android pay method if you use an Android phone.
  • Mercari credits – Finally, you can decide to use the Mercari credits to complete your transaction. Customer Service

The brand has a Help Center on the official site where you can air your question and get the help you want. You can seek answers to questions such as refund policy, payment methods, how the app works, and many more. Reputation/Pros/Cons Pros/Likes

Many people have liked the app for the following reasons:

• No smartphone needed – You can sell and buy items via even if you do not own a smartphone that you can use to download the app. You only need to create an account through the brand’s site and sell or buy from your laptop or desktop.

• Buyer protection guarantee – The brand protects the buyers with a guarantee in case they receive a defective or damaged item. Sellers cannot receive the payment unless you rate the seller. Cons/Dislikes

Here are some of the things that make people avoid this app:

• Not Getting Paid – There are cases of sellers not being paid. The reason for this is that the firm doesn’t track the product being shipped and often refunds the buyer without verifying if the item was received or not.

• Sales scams – Some people argue that the products listed on the website are not as listed. Some also argue that they did not get their payment even after the item was shipped. Product Features and app sell products from sellers who might have used these products or not. Hence, it can be hard to verify the real worth of a product before you see it.

Some products might be broken or even come at poor quality than shown online. You cannot also verify if the product you want to buy is really owned by that seller. Competitors/Alternative Products

With signs of scam due to sellers not being paid and products being of low quality, it makes sense to look at other markets. One app that you should look at is Decluttr.

Decluttr allows buyers and sellers to trade items such as games, CDs, books, electronics, and more. You can also look at, a place that provides cashback when you buy an item and $10 for just signing up. FAQs

Q1: What can I sell at

A: You can sell almost anything. As long as it ships, you should sell it. However, there are things that you shouldn’t try to sell at Mercari such as drugs, counterfeit products, weapons, and things you don’t own. Also, you shouldn’t sell flammable things.

Q2: Who should pay for the shipping fee?

A: The seller can pay for the shipping fee and it to the cost of the product or request the buyer to pay it.

Q3: Can I select the carrier?

A: Yes. You can select your preferred carrier if you are paying for it.

Final Verdict: Is Really Safe?

Generally, Mercari app offers buyers and sellers an online platform where they can trade their products. The brand protects the buyer through Buyer Protection Guarantee and there is no cost of downloading the app.

However, sellers are not really protected from being scammed on this website. Besides, there is a likely hood of buyers getting scammed.

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