Flex Tape Review: Does It Really Work?

Almost every individual has had the need for repairing some kind of leak. It might have been an air leak or a water leak.

A water leak is especially difficult to repair than air leak and even harder to ensure it doesn’t leak again. Now you might have come across different sealants like Flex Seal, but does the latest product work better than all, Flex Tape?

About Flex Tape

Flex Tape is a waterproof and rubberized tape that is made to seal, bond, patch, and repair different types of leaks. The sealant is made by Flex Seal Company that is headquartered in Dayton, New Jersey.

How Flex Tape Works

To use Flex Tape, you only need to cut Flex Tape to the right size and remove the covering to uncover the adhesive part. Then, position the tape and apply it to a clean area by pressing it firmly and smooth out any bubbles or air pockets.

Remember that when you apply the tape firmly you cannot reposition it. It can take about 24 hours before the take holds the surface effectively.

Flex Tape Cost

On the company’s site and other online retailers, you can buy the large roll of Flex Tape for about $19.99 and the jumbo one for about $29.99.  There is also the giant roll that goes for about $49.99.

Flex Tape Shipping

The company charges a $9.95 fee for shipping as well as a $9.99 fee for processing. Hence, it is better to buy the product from other retailers who offer discounts and don’t charge a shipping fee.

Flex Tape Promo Codes and Coupons

If you don’t have enough fund and want a more affordable Flex Tape, consider buying from different sites like Swagbucks.com, Raise.com, and Ebates.com for promo codes, rebates, and discount codes.

For instance, Ebates will provide your discount with every Flex Tape purchase. Swagbucks will offer you discounts as well as cash back and free gift cards. Raise will allow you to buy discounted gift cards.

You can even save more if you buy your tape from Amazon.com while you are a prime member.

Flex Tape Return Policy

If you decide to buy Flex Tape from an online store or physical retailer other than the manufacturer, you will need to inquire about the return policy for that retailer or store.

On the other hand, if you buy it from the manufacturer you will have a 30 days money back guarantee. However, this money does not include the shipping price and processing fee.

Flex Tape Customer Service

You can reach Flex Tape manufacture through your phone by dialing 1-800-307-6201. The company does not offer live chat.

The other way to speak to a customer representative agent is through email at [email protected]. The customer service team is available Monday to Friday from 0500hrs to 1700hrs.

Flex Tape Reputation/Pros and Cons

Flex Tape Pros/Customer Likes

• Money back guarantees – You can return your flex tape within 30 days and get your money back.

• Added product bonus – You can receive other company’s products for free if you buy the tape from the manufacturer’s official website. For instance, you can get a Handy Can of Flex Seal Liquid, a Handy Can of Flex Shot, or a Handy Can of Flex Seal.

• Variety of sizes – The tape comes in different widths and sizes. If you want to patch a small hole, you can buy a tape roll that will cover that hole.

Flex Tape Cons/ Customers Dislikes

• Shipping costs – The firm’s handling and shipping charges are quite expensive when you compare to its rivals. There are different charges for processing and shipping if you make an online order.

• It won’t work – Sometimes the flex tape won’t work. The manufacturer states that it won’t seal dirty, waterproof repellant, oily, or greasy surfaces. It might also not adhere to some fabrics and highly plasticized materials.

Flex Tape Features

Flex Tape has a triple thick adhesive surface that forms a watertight seal on different surfaces. The surfaces can include drywall, rubber, wood, PVC, metal, fiberglass, stone, and much more.

You can use the tap when the weather is dry, wet, cold, or hot. It comes in either black or white color and there are 3 sizes that you can choose from.

The large roll measures 5 feet long by 4 inches wide, the jumbo roll measures 5 feet by 8 inches, and the giant roll measures 10 feet by 12 inches.

Flex Tape Competitors/Alternative Products

If you want other solutions for repairing leaks easily, you can choose from the rivals’ products. For instance, you can choose the FiberFix which was made famous by the Shark Tank TV show.

You can also get the Flex seal black spray which works just like the flex tape. The other choice is the Gorilla tape.

Flex Tape FAQs

Q1: Can the flex tape repair an inflatable or air mattress?

A: You can use the flex tape as an emergency and temporary repair to an inflatable or air mattress. You will need to wait for 24 hours before the tape can really get a good grip of your mattress.

Q2: What is the maximum pressure that the tape can withstand?
A: This will depend on the condition and substrate under which the tape is applied. You should always test a small surface before you decide to apply it.

Q3: Is flex tape recommended for repairing bicycle or car tires?

A: No. You shouldn’t use your flex tape to repair your bicycle or car tires due to high pressure.

Q4: Can I paint flex tape?

A: A Majority of paints won’t adhere to the tape surface. However, you can use flex seal aerosol to change the appearance of the surface where you have used flex tape to seal a leak.

Final Verdict: Does Flex Tape Work or Not?

Overall, Flex Tape seems to be a great product for sealing different types of leaks on different surfaces. The rubberized and waterproof tape can grip even under the wet condition and comes in three different sizes.

The manufacturers offer a 30-day money back return policy when you purchase the tape. Sadly, it might not grip some surfaces and attracts a high processing and shipping fee.

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