TickBox Reviews: A Scam or Reality?

Who likes to watch television on the traditional set-top boxes? If you don’t, we can relate. The set-box TV way of watching TV is a thing of yester-years.

TickBoxTV.com has taken over the industry to change the way you watch your favorite TV programs. If you are wondering if TickBox really works or is a scam, here is everything that you will need to know.

About TickBox

TickBox is a gadget that enables you to watch all your favorite TV programs in 720p, 1080P, or in high-quality 4K Ultra HD quality. This device allows you to watch all the live events, new movies, and TV on television at no extra cost.

This Android gadget is compatible with all TVs and comes with an easy-to-use remote control. You can even use your keyboard to control this TV.

TickBox also allows you to listen to over 50,000 radio stations live and in real time. If you like, you can access your favorite artist’s albums without using satellite radio or subscribing.

How TickBox Works

TickBox Price

This site states that the TickBox TV goes for $149.95, which is lower than most live streaming boxes out there today. However, you will get this product for only $89.95 since there is a discount of 40%.

The promotion might not last long and is first come first served basis.

TickBoxTV.com Return and Refund Policy

TickBoxTV.com claims to provide its clients with a return policy, but it doesn’t really outline how this policy works. There is no information on how you can successfully return your TickBox to the store.

However, there are some guidelines that you will need to follow:

• You should pack all the stuff that came with the package – cords, parts, equipment, and letter that shows your email address and name.

• The items need to be in good condition.

There is no time frame that you should adhere to when returning your product. You should contact the support team to find out more about return and refund policy.

TickBoxTV.com Payment Option

There are different options that you can use when paying for TickBox TV. There are both ewallet and traditional card methods such as PayPal, Credit Card, Visa, MasterCard, and many more.

TickBoxTV.com Shipping

The company provides shipping and will charge you for the shipping fee. This is often added to the cost of the box.

There is no specified time within which you will receive your product after making the order. The time frame often depends on the number of orders placed.

TickBoxTV.com Customer Service

Sadly, you cannot communicate with the support team through phone or live chat. The only accepted method is through email at [email protected].

It can take long before you get a response from this company.

TickBoxTV.com Promo Codes and Coupons

There are no promo codes or coupons that you can redeem to get the product at a more affordable rate. With that said, the company is often providing discounts that you can take advantage of.

TickBox Reputation/Pros/Cons

There are both positive and negative reviews when it comes to TickBoxTv.

TickBox Pros/Likes

Many people like TickBox for various reasons including the following:

• HD viewing capabilities – You can experience HD TV with TickBox TV. It also offers 720p and 1080P viewing ability.

• No downloads – This is a live streaming service that allows you to watch your favorite TV programs online.

• No monthly payment – You only need to purchase the box and enjoy free TV for life.

• Live sporting events – You will also have the ability to watch live events such as football.

TickBox Cons/Dislikes

Just like all other products, there are issues with TickBox:

• Available online only – You cannot purchase a box that will access the TV when offline. This means that you will need a strong internet to access the content.

• Customer support – It is almost impossible to reach customer support when you have an issue.

• Return policy – The return policy is not clear on what you should do when returning the product.

TickBoxTV Features

TickBox is a great product for anyone who loves TV but is tired of a monthly subscription. Besides, it provides only the shows that you want to watch as opposed to airing unnecessary content.

The box allows you to combine HULU, Netflix, and other tv’s show in one box. It also contains a fantastic option of movies and well as the latest releases.

Sadly, there is a poor rating of TickBox TV and there are good reasons for this. It is similar to Android Kodi box, meaning that you only get content online.

Although it claims to offer pictures in 4K HD, they are still of low-quality when you compare to rivals. Besides, the box is quite expensive – going for almost twice the price of other TV boxes.

TickBox Competitors/Alternative Services

As we have said, there are hundreds of boxes on the market today that you can plug into your television and watch great content. They include Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Android Kodix, and other boxes.

They all have the same content as TickBox and offer great-quality images. They are also more affordable compared to TickBox TV.

TickBoxTv FAQs

Q1: Which programs can I watch through TickBox?

A: You can access most of the programs which are provided by other boxes today. Hence, enjoy TV, movies, and live events through TickBox TV.

Q2: Which is TickBox so expensive when buying it?

A: The reason for its high initial cost is the fact that you won’t need to make monthly subscriptions. In the long run, you will end up saving more since you won’t need to keep on paying subscription charges.

Final Verdict: Is TickBox Worth It?

If you wish to save a few bucks while watching TV, then TickBoxTV might be a great product for you. It does not attract any monthly subscription like cable television and still provides the same programs.

However, you will need to spend a fortune when buying the box – it costs almost double other boxes. There are also issues with customer support and refund policy which can be quite frustrating.

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